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Life Events

St. Paul’s looks forward to facilitating important events in your family’s church life. Click on the links below to find information about these events.

Holy Baptism

To schedule a Baptism, Click here

If you prefer to hand fill the form, please download the form by clicking on this link.

Confirmation Announcement
Fall 2021

Seeking parents with students in Middle and High School, who wish to register them in St. Paul’s Episcopal Confirmation Class this Fall. This is a chance for your students to explore whether they are ready for this next step in their faith journey. This class will help answer some of their questions about the worship and traditions of the Episcopal Church, such as…What is Confirmation? Why do I need to take this class? What is expected of me when this class is over? How do I know if I’m ready for this next step in my faith journey? This will also be a safe space for discussion and reflection.

Please contact Gale Taylor at 678-570-9062 or Also, please fill out the form here: