Family Spirituality

Enrichment: Life in the Spirit
Sunday School at St. Paul’s offers a wonderful foundation in the Christian values, sacred stories, Episcopal traditions, and community life. Building upon these, St. Paul’s offers enrichment programs for children, youth and families to walk together in the spiritual life and to practice their faith at home.

Spiritual Direction for Parents, Children and Teens
Group and individual Spiritual Direction is available for parents, children and teens. One’s whole life is a spiritual life – home, school, the workplace, soccer field, music lesson, dance class, church – God is in every part of it. Spiritual direction or companionship helps to better seek God’s activity in all areas of your life.

For information on Spiritual Direction, contact Rev. Arlette D. Benoit at

Children and Youth Sunday (5th Sundays)
Children and Youth plan and lead the liturgy on the 5th Sunday of every month. It would be an opportunity for children and youth to interact most closely with our Episcopal liturgical heritage and find ways to make it their own.

Family Games/Movie Night
A family friendly game night, where parents teach children and youth games they used to play and children and youth teach parents games they play. Family friendly movies will be available for viewing on the big screen in Bowden Hall.

Every third Friday at 6:30pm.