What to Expect on Sundays

Our children and youth will be taught and mentored by a well qualified group of progressive Christian educators and leaders who will help them bridge the gap and connect what happens in Sunday School and other activities to their every day school and family life. We believe that Christian Formation is imperative and it is our hope that it is what will serve as the moral compass for our children and youth in navigating their choices and decisions in today’s world.

St. Paul’s Sunday School offers instruction and pastoral care for children ages 6 months through 18 years old. Sunday School meets during the 9AM and 11:15AM services. Special accommodations can be made for children and youth with special needs, so please contact us and we’ll help ensure your child’s needs are met.

Nursery Care
8:45am – 1pm Nursery Care (ages 6 months to 3 years)

Sunday School classes
Pre-K- 1st grade (ages 4-5)
Primary – Grades 1-3
Intermediate – Grades 4-5
Young Teen – Grades 6-8
High School – Grades 9-12